It’s Pentecost season. And I’m feeling both the burn, and the ache.

I am looking forward to what the Spirit will reveal in the coming days, but I haven’t been keeping up with Him as I should for a while now. Until then my soul yearns to stir, to awaken, to be moved. The love of Christ must compel me to keep going for I am made to keep moving.

Hardwired. I cannot be anyone else than who I am meant to be, made to do, and made for. I am made to last beyond this earthly existence, and yet made to live this temporary life with the grace of a saint.

Hardwired. The beating heart will only last as long as blood flows through it. Christ’s very life courses through my veins, calloused by time and pain. I heal, I hurt, and I heal again. The cycle continues.

It’s Pentecost season. I pray I burn with a love that’s much stronger than the ache.

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